Wednesday, 5 December 2007

The second word is 'off'

memo from Dukes ward Tories to Cllrs Porter & parry (censored by the editor but the second word was 'off')
The key thing is that Les is clearly confident that David will win his appeal. The Parry Porter leadership will face a humiliating reverse and we'll all get a lame duck Tory leader.
Why can't they just say sorry? If Parry hadn't stopped Barber apologising the standards board debacle would have been avoided by the Tories, if Porter Parry had bluntly told Cllr Jones to behave himself there would have been no Tory cock up over the Birkdale lights. If Porter Parry hadn't been so silly over David Pearson. ..Ah well I'm not complaining altho there are plenty of Tories who are!

Vister today:

FORMER Mayor of Sefton Cllr David Pearson has been unanimously backed by Dukes Ward committee members to stand for the Conservatives in May’s local elections.
Cllr David Pearson was given the mandate at a meeting on Monday night, after Sefton Conservatives effectively sacked him from their group last month when they withdrew the party whip from him.
Dukes ward chairman Cllr Les Byrom said: “David is pursuing an appeal against his suspension and we expect him to stand in the May elections for Dukes Ward.”