Thursday, 6 December 2007

cautionary tale

A sad tale which illustrates that people should think before they leap into print with ill-considered idea. This is particularly embarrassing case for the accident prone Mrs Porter as it demonstrates that not only did she not pause to think but that she did not have a strong enough grasp of basic 'green principles' Zac Goldsmith would weep.
The context is important. Having received 15 report/presentations on the introduction of wheelie bins and the bi weekly collections and failed to raise any significant issues Mrs Porter then proceeded several times to vote in favour of the proposal. Scarcely had she finished registering her vote in favour of the detailed proposal than Tory leaflets appeared attacking it. She was not embarrassed by weighed in raising concerns and aligning herself with the 'anti wheelie ' brigade. As an alternative to the proposal she had previously backed-incidentally consenting to the acquisition of expensive equipment -she and her colleagues came up with three expensive/irrelevant and anti green alternatives . Today we are concerned with one that is all Mrs Porters own. After the idea has been properly researched the full folly of the proposal can now be revealed. I await a full report from the meeting which received the report to find out if the Tory who attended sought to support Mrs Porter. More will follow as the other suggestions the Tories proposed have also been rubbished



A proposal from Ainsdale’s Councillor Brenda Porter that Sefton Council should look at subsidising under-sink waste disposal units for local residents has been given the “thumbs down” in a Council report to be considered Wednesday 5 December.

Birkdale Liberal Democrat Councillor Simon Shaw successfully persuaded the Council to carry out a review into three suggestions put forward by Sefton Conservatives as alternatives to the new waste collection system. These were that Sefton should build its own waste incinerator, subsidise under-sink waste disposal units and/or reintroduce weekly refuse collection.

“The suggestion about disposal units was put forward in June by Councillor Porter who is Deputy Leader of Sefton Conservatives. However it is clear that she did not properly research this bizarre idea,” said Councillor Shaw.

“The report from officers makes it clear that as well as costing a fortune the widespread use of these disposal units is not recommended by the Water Board. Specifically it warns that food put into the sewers through waste disposal units is food for rats.”

“I am appalled that Councillor Porter should be advocating an idea which will mean more rats,” said Councillor Shaw.