Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Cllr Jones displays true colours

I know it's Chritmas but I really can't cope with the Tories' generosity. The Mayor has not been invited to The Birkdale lights switch on and Cllr Jones has said that if he turns up he will not shake his hand! The Mayor almost always attend-Tommy Mann came , John Walker came but no invite to the Birkdale councillor. Apparently Alan Hansen is doing it. No problem with that. can't see a problemwith Hansen turning on the lights-in fact it sounds like a good idea-but is there something in Hansen's contract that stops him appearing with the Mayor. It need not be either or, it can be both!
I can't imagine anyone being so rude to Tommy Mann or Wendy Jones or Peter Papworth or David Pearson. Ripping up the rule book is a very silly thing to do. These conventions have worked well. But if the Tory -the smallest party on the council- want to start again........