Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Tory councillor implicated in Moore story

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

More and more interesting. Martin Hovden didn't take long to sniff out who the other person was invoved in the issues around Alan Moore suspension. Here is his take in the Champion today:

Debi Jones denies wrong-doing in standards probe

WELL-KNOWN Sefton Councillor and prospective MP Debi Jones will be investigated as part of the inquiry into the allegation against Alan Moore.
No details of the alleged misconduct by Sefton’s deputy chief executive Mr Moore have been released but it is understood Cllr Jones is to be reported to the Standards Board.
However, Conservative Cllr Jones strenuously denies any misconduct in her role as a councillor: “I am being used as pawn in a political game not of my making.
“I have acted with honesty and integrity throughout my political career and I deny any charges.”
Cllr Jones is the Tory parliamentary candidate for Sefton Central.