Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Strange tale of the Tory who wouldn't say hello.

A strange story to tell. At a surgery in Birkdale library a face appeared in the window. He wandered around outside. I thought he was lost. So I went outside to greet him believing he was a resident who couldn't find the entrance-we only have keys to the side door. He scurried away to his van and sat inside. I realised that it was Tory Cllr Jones. Now a Tory of the old school, in fact any acquaintance would have stopped to say hello and pass the time of day. It would only have been civil and polite. I seriously cannot think of any other councillor in 23 years on local authorities of any other party who would not have said hello. Not councillor Jones, he steadfastly avoided eye contact. How bizarre. I went to get Richard, all 6 foot 7 inches of him and very recognizable. Still no reaction from Cllr Jones. To commemorate this bizarre episode I took a photo with the camera on my phone-just to prove to myself that it actually happened.
I have said nothing more about this strange behavior and would not have done so now but Cllr Jones has scurried off to the press to complain!

Things have come to a sad pass when councillors of different parties cannot exchange the time of day with one another in a civil fashion. After all we are all meant to be working together for the good of the town
But now all has become clear. On the charge sheet against David Pearson he was accused of being too sociable with Lib Dems -see David's quotes below. Cllr Jones was just preparing his defense. He didn't want to be seen being civil to Richard and me in Case he got hauled before the Star Chamber to justify his acts. In the circumstances I forgive him.