Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Sir Ron fears for his party which is in 'crisis'

Sir Ron and Les have a much better grasp of most things than Brenda and Paula especially procedural issues. This story in the Visiter runs along side the one below and to my mind is far more significant. I would guess that if they set their wills to save David they will be more than a match for Brenda and Paula who as they have amply demonstrated are out of their depth. I do not believe that this Conservative crisis would have happen under any previous leader. My hunch is that all of them would have taken the £650 000 saving and none of them would have suspended or deselected David Pearson. Anyone this is what the Visiter had to say:

THE decision to ‘sack’ Councillor David Pearson, has “plunged Sefton Conservative Group into crisis”, according to one of their most senior councillors.
Sir Ron Watson, who serves with Cllr Pearson in Dukes Ward, has lent full support to his colleague’s decision to appeal suspension.
He said: “There has never been an occasion over the past 40 years when such a situation has been allowed to develop.
“I have served under five different Conservative Group leaders during my period as a councillor with no difficulty and consequence. During this period no Conservative councillor has ever been ‘suspended’. It seems that I have to expect to return next week to a council in chaos and to a Conservative Group I barely recognise.”
Due to an illness, Cllr Watson was not present at the ballot that determined Cllr Pearson’s fate, but understands that the issues raised were both trivial and easily resolvable.
Sir Ron also blasted the statement issued by Group Leader, Cllr Paula Parry, to the ‘Visiter’ that Cllr Pearson would not be standing in next year’s local elections.
He said: “The decision as to who is the Conservative candidate in Dukes Ward in the May 2008 election is a matter for the Ward and Southport Conservative