Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Not the behavior a reasonable man would expect

The standards committee have a hearing this week to receive the report of the independent investigator into the conduct of Cllr Barber. It can summarised as guilty. Like so many of these things the matter could have been resolve quickly if Cllr Barber had been willing to apologise. His unwillingness to do so has landed him in hot water the full report is on the Sefton website and can be downloaded. The document is quite large but is well worth the wait.

Cllr Barber is a fully signed up supporter of the current Tory leadership. Clearly he could do with taking some lesson from the despised old guard.

I have always had a difficulty with this new labour quango which seems to me to cost a lot of money and to poke its nose into things that simply should not be the concern of central government. An afternoon listening to Prime Minister's questions would make you wonder how the have the cheek to try and regulate anyone elses behavior.

Some of the worst insanities of the system have been removed since Ken Livingstone took them to the High Court. Personally I've always preferred the justice of the ballot box and I think that when Cllr Barber faces the electorate in manor ward next time they may well exact a greater penalty than anything this weeks hearing will come up with.