Thursday, 8 November 2007

New readers

This blog has never been advertised or listed for search engines. Nevertheless we appear have some readers. Eleven to be exact. In deference to our new readers I thought I'd tidy up the blog and publish some new material. In particular I have taken the chance to include some information on the most bizarre event I have ever witnessed in local government-namely the events of the last council meeting.
I was absent-away on business-when the Tories ganged up with Labour after the press and public were kicked out to undermine the budget that we had been carefully worked on.
That night in secret over £600,000 of identified saving were on the table. The Tories bottled it. In the teeth of the Chief Exec's clear advice that the identified posts were surplus to our needs they voted not to make the identified savings and instead took a different and much more costly decisions. There were no costings, no briefings on the option they proposed available to councillors. Simon's letter to the DA outlines the full folly of the decision. I am far from convinced the council had the power to take the decision;was it legal? was it so perverse as to fall foul of the Wednesbury principles. More of this will follow...

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