Friday, 30 November 2007

Hats off to Sir Ron

It would be churlish not to acknowledge that Sir Ron has come out publicly and unequivocally to back David Pearson as I have previously predicted he would. I am pleased that he lived up to my high expectations. The odds of Councillor Pearson winning his appeal are edging up.

More news reaches us from the Tory group via a source that is usually reliable to confirm the view that David will survive. Sadly they also suggest that the vendetta against the other Dukes Ward councillors will continue.

Well I know it's Christmas but the Tories have already been so generous this year already! At the Southport Area committee we had a brilliant performance from David as a top notch local councillor. Les was also on fine form with all his knowledge conspicuously on display. The sullen acolytes that support Brenda hardly spoke. ( Except Brenda did speak to say she wasn't going to speak because there was a council meeting the next day and she would explain the reasoning behind the policy on the £650 000. Came the day there was silence from Brenda. To be fair it would have been inappropriate at that meeting which begs the question why she didn't say anything on the first occasion when there were 30 + people in the public gallery and a good turn out of press?) Anyway without Les and David their contribution would have been dramatically diminished both in quality and quantity.