Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Champion carries new report

Tuesday, November 13, 2007
The sadness is that the press don't appear to share our view that this story is about the £600,000+ that the Tories and Labour squandered or the inadequate leadership that led to this decision. This appeared in today's Champion:
Shock suspension of council deputy

ALAN Moore, deputy chief executive of Sefton Council, has been suspended following an allegation of misconduct, The Champion can reveal.
The shock announcement was made today (Tuesday) by the local authority, although no name was mentioned. However, The Champion can confirm it is Mr Moore.
Popular Tory politician Debi Jones is understood to face a probe by the standards board as part of the investigation. She denies any wrong-doing.
The council statement said: "An allegation of misconduct is being considered and, in accordance with the agreed Sefton procedures, the member of staff has been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation.
The suspension is a normal precautionary procedure in this situation and there is a presumption of innocence until the matter has been investigated and considered by the council. We will not be commenting further during the investigation."
Southport Liberal Democrat MP John Pugh said: "I am not aware of the nature of the allegation, but it has clearly put the cat amongst the pigeons."
Mr Pugh was referring to the current power struggle on the council between Mr Moore and chief executive Graham Haywood.
Mr Moore’s post – along with five other senior positions – was originally scheduled to be made redundant as part of a cost-cutting review of services to avoid an £8 million overspend next year.
The proposal was put forward by Mr Haywood, but was rejected by a coalition of Tory and Labour councillors. As a result, Mr Haywood offered to take early retirement.
But the decision to allow Mr Moore and other officers to stay will now have to be rescinded following legal advice.