Friday, 16 November 2007

Brenda's Star Chamber-the first victim?

Despite the way David Pearson has been treated by the Tory leadership-altho all the indications are that what is let of the Tory rank and file are very unhappy-he remains steadfastly silent about his plight. In this he is displaying the decency & the correctness I think he regards as proper behavior. He will rise further in public respect and esteem because of the dignified way he has behaved.
Nevertheless the Tories can't keep their mouth shut and already the full story is emeging. There is much talk of a fall out with Cllr Porter with allegations of disloyalty and being a loose canon.
From across the chamber I can't say we have ever observed such behavior. He certainly isn't one of those indescreet Tories who is always telling what a shambles their party is or how much they disapprove of Cameron or what a lousy leader Cllr Parry is. I suspect that it is David's nature to be loyal and he would regard that as an obligation.
Anyway he was dragged before Brenda's Star Chamber and clearly didn't give the right answers and so has had the whip withdrawn pending-so we are told deselecrting. It will be interesting to see if any of them have the courage and the integrity to challenge this outcome.
Electorally it all adds to the impression that in Sefton the Tories are imploding and that much of the damage is self inflicted by their leadership team-Parry and Porter. (I absolve Cllr Platt who I genuinely doubt has been part of the decision making process.