Thursday, 8 November 2007

Birkdale Focus

Conservatives waste 1/2 million pounds of Council Tax payers' cash

Attempts to save Southport residents from massive Council Tax rises next year have been sabotaged by a secret deal between Tory and Labour Council bosses.
Concerned Lib Dem councillors have demanded that legal advice is obtained about the way that this squandering of over £½ million pounds has been forced through the Council.
In secret session, a Labour-Tory pact tossed out previously-agreed plans to cut back on bloated bureaucracy, which had been ‘worked-up’ by the Chief Executive. Labour and Conservative Councillors then forced through a ‘redundancy’ of the Council’s Chief Executive - without forewarning or information on the full costs to the Council. The Liberal Democrats fought this costly madness tooth and nail but were outvoted. Birkdale’s Councillor Simon Shaw has written urgently to the District Auditor asking for an investigation of what appears to be deliberate wasting of Council Tax-payers’ money

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