Tuesday, 20 November 2007


Every family with a child under 16 is involved in this disaster. Surly this is the end of the ID card scheme. The governement cannot be trusted with personal data. Serious breaches of data security are becoming common place. The value to criminals of such data is enormous. The implication are frightening for personal freedom. If the ID scheme had been in place and a similar disaster had hit the security implications would have been incalcuable. The BBC carry the full story.
Locally it puts a question mark against the judgement of those who failed to support the motion oppossing ID cards that Cllr Shaw and I moved in council last year. Those who oppossed our motion need to review their position.
Nationally the Tory party has come round to our point of view. Locally the authoritarian wing of the conservatives voted against our motion. I wonder which way Cllr Porter voted?
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