Tuesday, 11 September 2007

football signs

The good guys in Trust in Yellow(TIY), supporters of Southport FC, held a meeting with John Pugh and council officials to discuss renewing the directional signs to Haig Ave. The costings were done, the supporters had no cash, and so there it lay. I noticed it the TIY website and thought that it was a good proposal for the Southport Area committe.
After a few hitches it arrived on the agenda for the September meeting. The cost worked out at
£400 a ward. My colleagues queued up to support the proposal(five out of the seven) then it came to the Tories. I had been relying on David Pearson-a Southport supporter and decent bloke. Regretably he was absent and so we were treated to Tom Glover:
'I'm not wasting money on trivia' and Les Byrom saying that as there were none in his ward he wasn't voting for it. Funny that because I voted for various projects in his ward-the moving of the Dan Dare Statue, the renovation of the war memorial and various park and ride initiatives. Predictably Ms prter from Ainsdale wouldn't cough up either she had other higher priorities

Anyway gpood luck to the Trust in Yellow folk. Tory councillors love to wax lyrical over the state of modern youth. I think in those loads we have a good example of young men giving youth a good name.

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