Tuesday, 25 September 2007

burning v recycling

We are all a little 'gob-smacked' when the Tory leader wrote to the local press. She was exercised about the introduction of wheelie bins. This was odd because she voted for the proposition and had received at least 15 reports including at least one private briefing for the Tory group before she approved the scheme. Their spokeman Cllr Barber didn't raise any objections at the cabinet member meetings -indeed his attendance was embarassingly poor. Anyway back to the ill-advised letter to the press. Why, she demanded' can't we have an incinerator like the one in the next door borough of Knowsley? Bizarre really as the Knowsley one is to serve all the boroughs in Merseyside and anyway the green option must be to recycle and to only incinerate as a last resort. Never the less she wanted one. This was not just an off the cuff comment, it was in a letter to the paper and she repeated it several times and at least once in converation with colleagues. This is clarly neither an environmentally desireable option or financially feasible. The cynic would say maybe she hadn't paid attention at the briefiings, or that she was rattled by a few complaints, or maybe she was just following the lead of the Daily Mail.
Now the Sefton scheme for wheelie bins is a bit more subtle than the crude moneysaving option beloved by some councils. We collect dry recylables every week-paper, glass, & cans and we also collect food waste-cooked and uncooked- weekly. Garden waste is collected in a green wheelie 2 weekly and the grey wheelie every other week. Birkdale had the scheme for a while now and the compalints have all but gone and we are finding a fair bit of enthusiasm for the scheme.
Now there is an election in manor ward caused by the resignation of Neil Douglas a labour councillor at present resident in China. He is home at present to give evidence against his former labour colleague John Walker who is up in front of a jury for a mega fiddle of his disabilty claim. Not surprisingly Labour are not in the race. It should be a safe bet for the tories nevertheless we did well last time and are clearly the challengers. The cock up about the incinerator is a gift and the Tory leader is reportedly scandalised that we are using it in our leaflets

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