Friday, 22 June 2007

The Zulu Nation at Farnborough Rd Shool

In his capacity as Mayor Richard visited Farnborough Rd Junior School to see a production of the Zulu Nation. It was brilliant. The enthusiasm of the drama group transmitted itself to everyone, and the music that was amazing The only accompaniment was the drums The rhythm and the harmonies were reminiscent of the township music we have heard from South Africa. As one lad said 'it blew my mind away'

After the production the Headteacher showed us around the school. Every year group is studying a different part of the world. We travelled from the Rainforest of South America to China and then on to India before returning to Africa. There are lots of examples of the children's work on the school website and I urge everyone to have a look.
I am chair of the Governors at Farnborough Rd and I was really proud of what the school showed us today. The pupils were all fully engaged by their work and very keen to tell Mr Mayor all about it. A thoroughly uplifting morning

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