Monday, 7 May 2007

Vote blue go confused!

Same old Tory – Conservative environmental policies ripped to shreds at their own hands!

Conservative claims to be ‘green’ have been exposed as a sham locally as they vote against a Sefton Council environmental motion and then in a bizarre twist they both promote and attack a policy that they agreed to on the Council.

Environmental Motion

The motion moved by the Lib Dems, which was aimed at cutting back on fuel use by encouraging staff to turn off their computers and office lighting at night, was thought to be a common sense policy that all parties could sign up to. Conservatives thought otherwise and opposed it to the astonishment of the Lib Dems. Says Sefton Lib Dem Leader Tony Robertson “How on earth can they claim to be green when they vote like this. Cameron has a lot of his troops off-message in Sefton.”

Rubbishing their own policy!

But probably the most bizarre ‘green’ twist by the Conservatives was in the May local election campaign when they circulated leaflets promoting the new bin collection and recycling system, which is to be introduced in the Borough later this year, whilst at the same time circulating leaflets opposing the new system.

Yes, that’s right they argued both ways in the same election campaign! What’s more the new bin collection and recycling process, which includes collecting different waste every other week, was approved without any Conservative votes against it. Indeed, the new system gained all-party support through Sefton Council’s budget (which Conservative members voted for), through the Council’s Scrutiny and Review Committee and via a vote at a Full Council meeting. Says Tony “Residents don’t like councillors saying one thing when they have voted in a different way. Yes, the new collection system will be a big challenge but the aim is to:

· Boost recycling
· Reduce spills from the black plastic bags (which attract vermin and dogs)
· Significantly reduce the amount of waste going to landfill to stop the wretched Council tax being pushed up even higher.

For the Conservatives to back away from this, as some of their literature said, only a few weeks after they had circulated leaflets promoting the new system is not being straight with people. What’s more they potentially leave Council taxpayers facing higher bills due to landfill tax! So not green and more expensive, quite a policy position to hold, no wonder they suffered at the polls here in Sefton on May 3rd.

No one said it would be easy to reduce our carbon footprint and tackle global warming; it needs political courage and leadership. A quality that has been found sadly lacking in the Sefton Conservative Party.”

Footnote: The Sefton system will be different from some of the criticised ones across the country (many introduced by Tory Councils) because residents will have the opportunity to opt into a weekly collected Kitchen Caddy for the disposal of food waste which could smell if not disposed of carefully. Lib Dems insisted on residents being able to access this additional no additional charge service.

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