Tuesday, 27 March 2007


Birkdale's Lib Dem FOCUS Team have been battling to help a local business which has been refused
planning permission to keep new roller shutters. The Fruit Bowl on Liverpool Road (opposite Shaws Road)
recently replaced their old wooden shutters with new steel ones. One of the reasons was to avoid
problems with vandalism.
Now Sefton's Planners have said the shutters must go - despite the efforts of local councillors Iain Brodie
Browne and Simon Shaw. Birkdale Ward councillor Richard Hands, who sits on the Planning Committee,
valiantly led the fight against 'refusal' but was outvoted.
Simon Shaw commented: "I think many residents will feel that all the owners were trying to do was improve
the area by renewing what was there before."
The owners of the Fruit Bowl have started discussions with the planners to see if a compromise is possible.

Parking problems at Our Lady of Lordes School

Concerned parents have been in contact with Birkdale Lib Dem councillor Simon Shaw to
see if anything can be done with parking congestion problems at 'Our Lady' s school
on Grantham Road.
Simon is well aware of the parking problems at our large primary
schools - he has been a governor at Farnborough Road Infant and
Junior Schools for over 20 years:
"I am pressing the Council to examine certain
suggestions put forward by parents,"
he explains.

Council Tax
Just because we have suffered the iniquities of the
Council Tax for years, doesn't make it any fairer.
Some people on fixed incomes have seen their
income's real buying power fall by over nine per
cent this year.
These days, Council Tax mostly pays for local
Schools and Social Services for the elderly. Even
then, more than three pounds out of four comes
from central government funding, mostly from
Income Tax. Nevertheless, the amount which
Government expects to come from the pockets of
local Council tax-payers has risen more than
inflation. for year after year. This year's Sefton
Council budget, at X per cent and agreed by
Councillors of all three parties is no exception.
We need a method of local service funding which
is much more closely-related to the ability to pay,"
says Birkdale Councillor Richard Hands.


One of the easiest ways of recycling, and at
the same time making good rich compost
for your own garden, is to use your own
The Council, working with 'Recyclenow',
are currently offering compost bins to
residents at 60% or more off
Recommended Retail Price. A mediumsized
bin (220litres) is £8 and a large bin
(330 litres) is £10. If you order on-line there
is a further £1 off. Go to sefton.gov.uk, and
follow the link to 'Recyclenow'.
"Alternatively," says Birkdale Councillor Iain
Brodie Brown (pictured above), "you can
phone 0845 077 0757, quoting reference
MER04W to get the special prices."
There are also some useful tips about
composting on the sefton.gov.uk website.

'We Can Cut Crime' petition
I/We back the Lib Dem 5 steps to a safer Britain campaign.
The Lib Dems and their elected representatives may
use the information you provide to contact you about
issues you may find of interest. Some of these contacts
may be automated. You can opt out of some or all
contacts at any time by contacting us.
We CAN Cut Crime

Compulsory work and training in
prison - to cut re-offending

Take back our town centres - let
communities close down pubs
and clubs that cause trouble

Make sentences mean what they
say - ‘life’ should mean LIFE!

More police on patrol - don't
waste billions on ID cards!

We all remember the awful cuts in the local
police force when the Conservatives were last
in office. Now Labour, after nearly 10 years in
power, have still not managed to tackle crime

Violent crime has doubled and problems of antisocial
behaviour continue to rise.

Ming Campbell's Liberal Democrats have
launched a 5-step plan to cut crime. Birkdale
ward councillor Richard Hands says: “Tackling
crime and anti-social behaviour is a top priority
for the Lib Dems. I know how important it is that
people feel safe on our streets again.”
John Pugh MP is pursuing reported problems of
gangs of youths picking on local school-children,
which has resulted in some serious injuries.
If you back the five-point anti-crime plan,
please sign and return the petition below.

You've heard of the 'land that
time forgot'?

Well this is the road
that Sefton Council forgot.
For over 40 years, residents in
College Close, a cul-de-sac off
Liverpool Road, have been hoping
that a small area of road surface at
the bottom of their road would be
finished properly.
Last summer, they involved local
councillor Simon Shaw, and the
good news is that the area will be
done later this year.
"No-one could claim this is a major
thoroughfare, but it is a shame it
has taken this long to get the thing
finished right. However, better late
than never," says Simon.
Contact your local Lib Dem Team:
Cllr Simon Shaw, 66, Liverpool Road,
Birkdale, PR8 4BB Tel: 565546
Cllr Iain Brodie Browne, 27, Dunkirk Road,
Birkdale , PR8 4QZ Tel: 567272
Cllr Richard Hands, 13 Vicrtoria Chambers,
Liverpool Rd Birkdale, PR8 4AY Tel: 553803
John Pugh MP, 35 Shakespeare Street,
Southport PR8 5AB Tel: 533555

Birkdale Councillors'
Local 'Surgeries'

are held at Birkdale Library from
2.00 pm to 3.00 pm on the first
Saturday of each month.
The next three dates are:
March 3rd, April 7th and May 5th
Name/s ______________________________________________________
Address _____________________________________________________
Phone_________________ Email_________________________________
Help the Lib Dem campaign in SOUTHPORT
I will be voting for the Lib Dems
at the next election
I would like a postal vote
I would like to make a donation
I will display a poster in my
window at election time
I would like to join the Lib Dems

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