Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Defribillators-an example of casework

A recent enquiry about the availability of defribillators at Dunes solicited this response:

Dear Cllr Brodie Browne
Please accept my apologies for the delay in replying to you. I had originally replied the day after receiving your comments via Rajan. However, it would appear that the recent IT and Groupwise problems we have been having have led to the email not being delivered to you.

In relation to the use of defibrillators at our Leisure Centres, we are actually now in the process of equipping our facilities with such devices. We are currently organising the necessary staff training via the Council's Health Unit. I have been keen to introduce these machines in our Leisure Centres for some time now, but we have had to 'hold fire' whilst awaiting a corporate assessment of the health and safety issues affecting the use of such machines. This is now complete and we can move ahead with the introduction of the defibrillators.- The issue of 'three heart patients in Dunes suffering blackouts and being transported off by ambulance' is indeed a rumour.- In relation to there being 'only one first aid face-mask available in the entire building' at Dunes I can also confirm that this is also incorrect. First Aid equipment is available in the necessary quantities throughout the building and staff are trained in the use of such equipment as is appropriate.My Principal Operations Manager, Scott Stevens, is always keen to deal with any such requests for information from our users or members of the public and I have copied him in on this email so that he may ensure that staff are aware that such rumours exist and can take steps to tackle them at source accordingly. He can also ensure that suitable information is being given to staff at operations meetings so that they can advise our customers in an appropriate manner if such questions are asked of them.If you require any further clarification or indeed any additional information about any of the issues raised I would happy for you to contact me directly as per my details below.
Thank You
Andrew Walker

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